Becoming a Carnival Officer

Step 1 – Register your interest

Email your interest to ‘Attention Officials Liaison Officer’.

Step 2 – Complete Online Training

  1. Log into your Members Portal –
  2. Select the “eLearning tab” and “Login to eLearning”
  3. Select the “Training Library” on the left of the screen, find “SLS – Officiating” and Select “View Course”
  4. Select “SLS – Technical Official“
  5. Pay $10.00 to enroll in the course (keep your receipt to have this refunded once course complete and you have been signed off as an Official)

Complete ALL 6 modules below (ensure you save a copy of the completion certificate to upload):

  • ASC Officiating Course
  • SLS – Being a Technical Official Part 1
  • SLS – Being a Technical Official Part 2
  • SLS Module 3a – Technical Official in Action (Marshall/Check Marshall)
  • SLS Module 3b – Technical Official in Action (Starter/Check Starter)
  • SLS Module 3c – Technical Official in Action (Timekeeper, Finish Judge, Recorder)

Step 3 – Upload Completion Certificates

Upload your completion certificates – submit here

Step 4 – Face to Face – Workshop & Practical

  • Branch will communicate with you about the allocated assessment carnivals and how to register for the face to face workshop and ‘on the job’ (practical) assessment.
  • At the workshop you will be issued with a New Officials Kit containing Shirt, Manual, Logbook and other items.
  • The practical will be over a minute of 4 allocated carnivals or as otherwise deemed competent by the Officials Assessor.
  • Members have 12 months to complete this phase of accreditation. Should you not complete training within the 12 months the cost of the Officials kit may be charged to you as the club is charged $55 (as at 31 January 2020) for each kit issued.