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The Point Lookout SLSC Old Boys Association was founded in 1975 purely to support the Point Lookout Surf Life Saving Club and its members through Fundraising, Mateship and Social Events.


During the early days, the Surf Club managed to secure the Norman Hotel as a raffle venue and the old boys sold their raffle tickets there every Saturday for over 10 years. The money raised put the Old Boys Association in a strong financial position and allowed them to assist the Surf Club in many ways.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s raffles were moved to the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club where they were supported by the locals who had a genuine interest in the club.

For the past 5 years the Old Boys have been regulars on a Friday night at the Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club. Where they sell raffle tickets for meat trays and spin yarns with patrons and their fellow old boys.

This fundraising has been of great benefit to the club; it has allowed the Association to provide financial support to the Surf Club in the form of memorabilia, support to our Summer Surf Girl, Trophy Night and House to House, our Annual Prawns at the Point event and The Extraordinary League of Gentlemen functions.

It was Old Boys money that built the bar and rear bottom deck, purchased a pool table and provided Honour Boards for the Surf Club.

Point Lookout SLSC Original Old Boys Club


The Old Boys have a rich history of helping their fellow club mate. Some of these friendships go back 60 years others only a few months, but they are always there to lend an ear or hand if needed.
They have also provided workforce for the Club at State and National level, providing workers for Aussie Titles and numerous IRB Carnivals over many years.
The Old Boys are also keen to help at working bees around the Club, and at any time required.

Point Lookout SLSC New Old Boys Club


In the early days of the Old Boys, the members and families would head over to the Point for an Annual Surf Carnival. With the onset of old age and tired bones, these carnivals gave way to cricket matches. While there hasn’t been a cricket match for a few years, we hear there are a few members in training for a comeback.

One of the major events in the early days was the Christmas Tree which saw tremendous efforts by the wives/mothers who undertook the buying of the presents and the organising of the food.

Lots of venues were used but the most popular was Coochiemudlo Island. Jim Comerford and Smallie were the main stays as Santa.
These days Christmas is celebrated by a lunch function where the topic is always not far from the club, its history, and some good old sledging.

In 1990, the Old Boys organised a camping and fishing trip to Moreton Island. This was to be a bonding weekend between the Old Boys and the active members. From memory, the weather was perfect, the food was great, the beer was cold, and the rum kept everyone warm during story time around the fire at night.
Someone may have even caught a fish!!!

Everyone came home raving about the weekend and from then on, set in concrete, the Moreton Trip would be an annual event. 2021 is recorded as the 31st Moreton Trip for the Old Boys.

The old saying that ’loose lips sink ships’ holds true for the Moreton Trip, so if you wish to know what goes on, you’ll have to join the Old Boys!

The Old Boys plan good years ahead so to all those friends of Point Lookout SLSC, if you would like to join the Old Boys Association you will most certainly be made very welcome.


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2022/23 Committee


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George Hill


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